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Here's how the fundraiser works...

It’s time to help your organization raise money!

Simple. Easy and Fun

Overview and Directions

Your organization has chosen Vitality Fundraising as your fundraising partner.  It’s our mission to help you raise money for your organization. Let’s get started.

Here’s how it works.

You have received the following materials. (1) Healthy Shaker demonstration cup. (1) Order Form with Overview/Instructions

Your “job” is to show (not sell) the Shaker cup to as many potential fundraiser supporters as possible. It sounds something like this…

Hi Mrs Smith, how are you today? I’m helping my organization raise some much needed money. It’s for a very worthwhile cause <briefly explain cause>. We are asking supporters to simply donate $20 to our fundraiser. As our way of saying thank you we are promoting a healthy lifestyle and you will receive this Healthy Shaker cup (holding in your hand), which comes with 5 very healthy and delicious products for you to try. <Show picture of contents and talk briefly about the products> Just fill out this order form (handing it to them as you speak), and in a few weeks I can deliver your shaker cup to you. <IF there is a pick up day established, you can offer for them to pick up the cup on “pick up day”>. Stop talking. Wait for response! Most people will fill out the order form and hand you $20 at that point.

At the end of your fundraising campaign, you simply turn in your order form and the money you collected to your fundraising director. In a few weeks, your organization will give you the number of cups you sold and you will deliver them to your customers.

It’s really that simple!