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Vitality Fundraising Testimonials

  • The Vitality Fundraising Isagenix Shaker Cup fundraiser was incredible. I’m a single father and work multiple jobs and I love to play adult baseball in a local league here in Phoenix, AZ. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to come up with money I needed for league fees and a guy I knew introduced me to Vitality Fundraising. He said they have a plan where I could do an individual fundraiser and offer these Isagenix Shaker Cups to people and I could easily earn enough money to pay my league fees. I was pretty skeptical because I really don’t know that many people and I’m not a salesman. WOW !!! I made around $400 CASH after 3 weeks and I’ve decided to keep doing it all season.

    David R., Mesa AZ
    Adult Baseball Player
  • People loved the Isagenix sample shaker sample cup! We considered many fundraising options before choosing Vitality Fundraising. We liked the simplicity of the program, along with the fact that there was virtually no risk or out of pocket money to get started. Our fundraiser was designed as an ‘out reach’ fundraiser, meaning we were raising money for others, not ourselves. Every team in our organization decided on a worthwhile cause to donate to. Each player was then responsible for selling a minimum of 10 cups. Most found that to be a very easy goal to achieve. We added some cool sales incentives to go above and beyond the minimum, and many did a lot more. In the end we sold over 2,500 cups and raised over $16,000 dollars for worthy causes. It was rewarding on many levels, not just financially. One side note worth mentioning is that those who bought the cup were very excited, not only to support our cause, but to actually enjoy the healthy products. People loved the Isagenix sample shaker cup.

    Fred Goldstein
    Mayhem Baseball